Friday, May 16, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conferences...

This week, we had Parent Teacher Conferences (or SLCs-Student Led Conferences--as they are known in my district) until 7:00 PM Wednesday and Thursday. Talk about a brutal day! But, it was really interesting. While I didn't have very many parents visit, the few that did told stories of their families. It was a great reminder that while we might not all be "Storytellers" per se, we all have stories to tell. A dad told me about his life growing up in Puerto Rico; a mom about her son's continual battle to do his work and how it's not his fault; a parent about how the daughter comes home and asks questions about love (very common for those 9th graders!); a student about her plans for the weekend; and me, about what we're doing in class at the moment.

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