Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Video Review

Readeez Volume One, produced by The Readeez Company

Length: Over 30 short, 1-minute video clips, totaling 40 minutes of running time.

Target Age: 18 months and up

Annotation: The Readeez videos are fun, minute-long stories in video. With the text written on the screen, it is easy to read along with the video while it is read aloud.

Review: This is a great video series, perfect for families who already have discovered the good-natured humor of They Might Be Giants. It has the short videos developed by the likes of Sesame Street, perfect for keeping the attention of young viewers. Because the text is displayed on the screen alongside minimal animation, it is like the video is really a story being read aloud to your child. There are even some interactive elements, which will help with staying engaged and reading along. My only complaint is that a series designed to teach literacy uses words like "readeez," "rhymeez," and so forth. Over all, a great video.