Sunday, April 6, 2008

Adventures in Storytelling

As we left class on Friday, I was jazzed about storytelling, and began brainstorming what sorts of stories I could tell and to whom I could tell them. I immediately called my mom and asked her to pull out my favorite childhood book, Just the Thing for Geraldine, so that I could try to figure out how to use that as one of my stories. (For those of you that haven't read this fabulous tale of a possum who tries to find her perfect thing to do, just wait until I figure this out!) I think I'll try to find a stuffed possum for that one. And, I really like flannel-graphs and always have; if there is a way to use a flannel-graph, I'll be a happy woman. I did, though, decide that I should get a digital video recorder, because with trying to find live audiences for the story, it will be too difficult to cart around my computer and microphone and try to strategically arrange everything perfectly. (Thanks for the suggestion for the Flip Camera!)

Ok, stories await!

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